Debt Collection Process

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An effective debt collection process is increasingly conducive to the normal functioning of the economy – the participants of the Congress of Legal Regulations from the Debt Management Area are well aware of this. with the subject of planned changes in regulations. The Congress, organized for the second time by the Conference of Financial Enterprises in Poland.


Congress and its program is a response to the needs of the sector, which comes to face the legislative changes – those that have already entered into force and those that are just in the plans. That is why the congress’s agenda includes presentations and discussions on topics that deal with the practical aspects of the assignment agreement, IT tools supporting debt recovery, proposal to amend the law on court bailiffs and executions, and the announcement of new solutions for corporate restructuring and consumer bankruptcy proceedings.


– Determining the impact of these changes on the functioning of the market with business-safe advance is an important goal of the Congress of Legal Regulations from the Receivables Management Area – admits the director of the Legal and Legislative Department of the KPF, Marcin Chugan.


The debt collection market is still growin



– The portfolios of receivables of KPF members are currently almost PLN 50 billion – hence, it is obvious that improving or worsening the efficiency of debt collection is not only important for creditors but also for the whole economy. The effects are felt by both consumers and entrepreneurs, improving or worsening both these financial positions, purchasing abilities, or investment opportunities – argues Andrzej Roter, KPF’s general director.


The growth of the sector is evidenced not only by tens of billions of zlotys in the receivables portfolio, also – the number of participants who will participate in the second edition of the Congress – over 120 people, much more than in 2013. In this group, the representatives of business practitioners from the credit market and services related to this market, including banks, debt collection companies, loan institutions, managing business and leasing information as well as numerous representatives of the bailiffs’ environment.

Among the invited guests were, among others, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Association of Polish Banks, the National Council of Bailiffs, the Allerhand Institute.

The Congress of Legal Regulations from the Receivables Management Area will take place on 10 April at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel.