How Much We Must Work to Earn Christmas Expenses

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Less than 5 hours would have to sacrifice a professor of medicine to earn Christmas expenses, while the cashier would have to take almost 134 hours to get the appropriate amount for the Christmas organization. With the average national pay, we would have to work a little over 8 days, or 66 hours, to calmly implement our Christmas plans for the purchase of gifts and the preparation of meetings in the family circle.


Comparing salary


Comparing the average salary from the third quarter of this year to the same period of 2012, it turns out that we have recorded an increase of 4 percent. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office, in October the average wage in the enterprise sector amounted to PLN 2610. At the same time, another parameter has increased by 0.5 percent. compared to last year, and since the beginning of 2013 has remained at a high level. It is about unemployment, which in October reached the level of 13%, which means that currently over 2 million Poles are unemployed. A year earlier, the unemployment rate was 12.5 percent.

A slight increase in remuneration and a large number of people working for a minimum rate with a high unemployment rate does not translate into the plans of Poles related to the preparations for Christmas. Contrary to appearances, we do not intend to tighten the belt, but to increase expenses compared to last year’s holidays by 5 percent. As it appears from the Deloitte study, we are going to reduce the domestic budget by PLN 1,126 on average. For comparison, the European average is more than PLN 770 higher – it is PLN 1,897.

Most of us intend to spend our savings on holiday expenses. About 8 percent will support you with a loan. One of the reasons is too low salary, which is normally barely “from the first to the first”, so it is not able to cover additional expenses.


Work to earn Christmas expenses

Work to earn Christmas expenses

Work Service decided to check how much time must be spent by representatives of selected occupations at work to earn Christmas expenses. It turns out that the least it will take a professor of medicine, who gets on hand about 37 thousand. zł. In his case, it takes 4.8 hours to calmly organize Christmas. In a short time, 5.5 hours would have to be spent in the office of the president of a listed company (with earnings around PLN 33 thousand net), while two 8-hour working days would be enough for a specialist doctor.

If a judge, who gets about 6,500 a month on his arm PLN, he wanted to finance a holiday without using his savings or loan assistance, he would have to spend almost 27.5 hours at work, which is three and a half business days. In the case of a trader it would be a whole working week plus half of Monday (43.7 hours), while an accountant earning approx. 2.6 thousand. PLN would have to spend 8 and a half days working day (68.7 hours). The teacher on the contract (1680 PLN net) would wait close to 107 hours of work, and the production worker (1570 PLN) would be 7.5 hours more. Least reasons for satisfaction are the cashier, who, with a salary of PLN 1350, would have to stand at the cash desk for almost 17 days to cover Christmas expenses from his own pocket.

According to the forecasts of Work Service next year, people connected with the automotive industry, trade and service industry, health service or BPO may count on the increase. On average, salaries are to increase by 4.5-6.25%. It can therefore be assumed that the time needed to earn Christmas spending will again be shortened. At least for some professions.