Loan Granted in Cash at Home

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We get a loan of up to PLN 10,000, with the possibility of paying off a weekly installment, or with service at home

The term Home Loan from English means a loan with service at home. So the loan is granted to us by a representative, a company representative who comes to your house with the contract and after completing the so-called application-contract gives you such a commitment by paying the amount of the loan granted in cash at home.

This type of loan and service is characterized by high discretion and the comfort of arranging all kinds of formalities due to the lack of necessity of our visit to a bank or loan institution.

It is also a possibility of a reliable assessment of our creditworthiness by a representative who is at our home and will be much better able to assess our ability to repay the obligation.


Loans in Home Loan

Loans in Home Loan

We operates on the Polish market, which provides loans servicing at home . The simple way in which you can get such a loan is an incredible advantage of this type of activity.

All you need to do is visit our website and complete a short application. After a while you will receive an email confirming that your application has been accepted and should be expected to contact the telephone adviser.

You will receive a loan of up to PLN 10 thousand, with the possibility of paying the installment for a maximum period of 75 weeks, in 18 months.

Over the next few hours a representative will contact you to ask some important questions regarding detailed arrangements regarding our expectations. After the phone, the order is sent to the nearest place of residence to the representative who will come to you to arrange all formalities with us and to grant a loan in a professional manner.


Trusted lender

Trusted lender

A manager, which has been operating on the online mediation market for several years, spreading the good practices of professional lending everywhere. The company is a member of the Conference of Financial Enterprises in Poland, as well as the owner of several websites on financial consulting.